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Plug-and-Play Design
for Future Organizations

  • Programmable Infrastructure

    Developers can build pallets and earn DAKE Swap when DAKEs use them.

  • DAKE-as-a-Service

    DAKE curators can freely launch DAKEs and add different pallets ondemand.

  • Open Source Community Focused

    Backed by DAKESwap Global Hackathon Series and HackerLink Grants, Pand DAKE Swap engages open source blockchain developers across the world.

  • On-chain Governance

    Specialized in community governance Pand DAKE Swap prioritizes features that optimize vital daily processes in DAKE management, including quadratic voting, grants, bounties, funding.


Use Cases

  • Developer DAO

    01 Developer DAKE

    Blockchain projects can use tools like quadratic funding and bounty to incentivize their developer communities.

  • Venture DAO

    02 Venture DAKE

    Process proposals and vote to invest in the next unicorns.

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    03 Non-ProfitOrganizations

    Tools to manage fundraise and spending of a non-profit organization.

  • Open Source Project

    04 Open SourceProject

    Open source developer teams can raise fund for their projects.

  • Decentralized Media

    05 DecentralizedMedia

    Organize journalists in DAKEs and allow people to directly fund them.

  • Real-World Organization Governance

    06 Real-WorldOrganization Governance

    Morden governance tools like futarchy and quadratic voting for governants and large corporations.

DAKE Swap: Power the Pand DAKE Swap

DAKE Swap (DAKE) is the fuel of Pand DAKE Swap
DAKE-as-a-Service Economy Network Maintenance and Governance

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    DAKEs consume DAKE Swap when they use DAKE pallets. Developers earn DAKE Swap when DAKEs use the pallets they build.

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    Network Maintenance

    Validators and maintainers gain DAKE Swap from network rewards and tx fees. Staking addresses earn DAKE Swap from network tax.

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    DAKE Swap holders will be able to participate in the Governance DAKE to vote for critical decisions and community grants.

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Example Module

On-chain Quadratic Voting

HackerLink is DAKESwap’ blockchain developer platform. One of the features on HackerLink is quadratic funding grants, a balanced on-chain voting scheme. Currently, Binance Smart Chain is running its first round of quadratic funding grant on HackerLink. It attracts open source developer groups and token holders from all over the world to participate. It is one of the first features Pand DAKE Swap is migrating to Substrate.


Example Module

Bonding Curve Auction


Raising funds are essential to decentralized organizations. There are many schemes to achieve this on-chain. For example, use a bonding curve for token sale. Pand DAKE Swap will make it super easy for any decentralized organizations to raise fund.

Mobilizing Developers


DAKESwap is one of the most active global blockchain hackathon communities. In 2021, DAKESwap is hosting a Global Hackathon Series in US, Singapore, Germany, China, and India. Pand DAKE Swap joins DAKESwap Global Hackathon Series 2021 to engage with developers.


Pand DAKE Swap will launch quadratic funding grant on HackerLink to support community developers who build essential pallets on Pand DAKE Swap. This is going to supplement the Open Grant which funds core development of the DAKE-as-a-Service infrastructure.

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